RA Minister of Education and Science Arayik Harutyunyan’s Congratulatory Message on the Day of Knowledge and Education

3 September, 2018
Official News

Dear pupils, students, teachers, representatives of the education sector,
I congratulate you all on the commencement of the academic year and on the Knowledge Day. For a few months already our country has adopted a new way of living where knowledge and education have a brand-new value. The time has come for bibliophile and educator. In the modern world, the most important part of knowledge and education is free and critical thinking and an analytical mind, the foundations of which are laid at school and continue to develop in the future, in all areas of public life. Education is an important process for forming a legitimate, demanding, and competitive citizen, for which the state, the teacher and the lecturer are responsible. Education is destined to be the leader of the new vision of Armenia, the driving force of inclusive development.
With special warmth, I want to congratulate the first-graders who are on the door steps of the interesting world of knowledge.
Dear pedagogues, the great changes that have taken place in Armenia should find their reflection in the education system, which is largely due to your creativity and dedication. All the Educators, principals who support the school's transformation process, are my colleagues and I will do my utmost to support them. I am deeply aware of the challenges you faced in the past, the problems that exist right now. I am sure together we will provide solutions to all the existing issues, setting bigger goals for all of us.
Dear Parents, our main goal is to make the country fair, to create equal opportunities for your children. To have a descent country, first of all, the school should be impartial, ensuring equal access to quality education for all. Your support for this issue is crucial, sometimes decisive.
Be confident in yourself and the future will be yours.

With the best regards,
Minister of Education and Science of the RA Arayik Harutyunyan.