A New Memorandum with the US Peace Corps

9 August, 2018
Official News

At the Ministry of Education and Science, the Deputy Minister Arevik Anapiosyan and the President of Peace Corps Armenia, Sunny Lau, signed a memorandum on raising the bar for English Language proficiency in Armenia.
Within the framework of this cooperation, it is in the plan to improve the level of English language teaching and learning by implementing language clubs and extracurricular activities
In the "English Teaching" program, Armenian teachers will have support from professionals, co-teach with their counterparts, write effective lesson plans and improve teacher training workshops.
After signing the memorandum, the Deputy Minister stressed the importance of the cooperation with the Peace Corps by singling out one fact: "The Peace Corps volunteers by volunteering in Armenia not only bring with them free and critical way of thinking but introduce a new understanding of a culture of association and communication, as well. In returning to the US, the Peace Corps Volunteers take with them a little piece of Armenia.. I had a chance to interact with the volunteers that served in Armenia, and most of them want to return to Armenia." She then thanked the President of the Peace Corps Armenia, Sunny Lau, for spreading the notion of volunteering in Armenia. Moreover, she mentioned Armenia opened its doors to the Peace Corps Volunteers in 1992 and since then their input has had a positive effect, especially in Education." This "culture of volunteering" in our country, has left a great impact on our youth and adult population. Already, we are witnessing tendencies towards change."" said Arevik Anapiosyan and added that as an example there are several volunteers in the Ministry of Education and Science.
While introducing the objectives of the memorandum, the President of Peace Corps Armenia, Sunny Lau postulated that the volunteers together with Armenian teachers would develop educational materials to enhance libraries and resource centers and focus on improving English language teaching methodologies.: "In fact, the mission of the volunteers is more than just teaching and spreading the language.. The Volunteers become part of the Armenian community and the Armenian family.. Besides teaching English, they learn about Armenian culture, its history, its language and return home with Armenia in their hearts." added  Sunny Lau.
According to the memorandum, the volunteers will be selected according to their language and professional skills, recommendations and match their roles. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia leaves the volunteer recruitment and selection process entirely to the discretion of the Peace Corps.. The volunteers need to commit for 24 months, whereas short term volunteers can do so between 3 to 12 months depending on assignments.. The Ministry will help the Peace Corps in finding communities and organizations relevant to the selection.. The memorandum will run for five years.