“Future of our country depends on education given at schools”

11 October, 2016
School events Official News

Armavir No. 1 high school after Ruben Egoyan celebrated its 75th anniversary. Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan, the Governor of Armavir region, teachers and a number of graduates of the mentioned school attended this ceremony.  Congratulating the 75th anniversary of the school, Levon Mkrtchyan said, "The school was founded in distant 1941 and bears the name of the freedom-fighter Ruben Egoyan, and now the graduates of this school who participated in the April war are among us”.  Minister drew attention to the fact that our educational institutions with 75, more than 100 years of history are holding tight connection with the past, present and future.

"The key to Armenia's independence is in its educational system; the future of our country also depends on the education and upbringing given at our schools”, mentioned L. Mkrtchyan and added, that the main role of the school nowadays is to help children-our future citizens to separate primary from the secondary, to detach the fundamental principles, to have faith and pride of their kind. These are very important concepts and teachers should bear in mind that first of all they are educators regardless of the subject they taught.

The headmaster and the teachers of the school were encouraged with the certificates of appreciation given from the Prime Minister of RA and the Minister of Education and Science of RA for the contribution in the education of younger generation. The school received the Ministry of Education and Science highest award "Gold medal."


Source: Ministry of Education and Science of RA