REGULATIONS AND SCHEDULE of the Pan-Armenian Children's and Youth's Paintings Competition-Festival

20 March, 2020
Cultural News

Theme of the Competition-Festival

This commemorative Pan-Armenian Children's and Yourth's Paintings IX Competition-Festival does not require narrow topical work. It is dedicated to everything Armenian (past, present, future, culture, history, art, literature, est.)

At the same time the most preferable topics for organizers and jury  are Armenian Fairy Tales, poetry and national holidays, rituals.

Anyway, the final choice of the topic and the main idea should be taken by the art-teachers. The works in one group of children related to one common topic are preferred.

Participants of the Competition-Festival

The Competition-Festival is open to two age profiles:

  • 6-13
  • 14-18:

Rules of the Competition-Festival

The Competition is carried out through two stages.

In the first stage, photos of art that are to be presented must be submitted via e-mail by June14, 2020. The works will be short-listed to semi-finalists by the Expert Group. All selected works are supposed to be exposed at the exhibition and later be published in exhibition catalogue.

In the second stage, the original selected works must be provided for the exhibition. Finalists will be selected among the authors of the exposed pieces of art. The winners will be given awards and some other participants will be given encouragement.

Main Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of participants' works of art is assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • compliance with the content requirements

(see <The content requirements to а piece of art> item)

  • original meaning of a piece of art
  • originality and quality of the artistic performance
  • evidence of educational components

ATTANTION! Copies or have previously been presented paintings will not be considered by the Expert Group.

Content requirements for a Piece of Art

In working with children and yourth teachers are expected to acknowledge three educational components:

a/ informational

b/ ethical

c/ aesthetic 

a/ As a result of instructions, children (yourth) are expected to

  • be familiar with the ethnographic insight into presented topic, literary work, fairy tale, est.,
  • know descriptive means which are necessary to present the selected topic,
  • know Armenian artists who have turned to the selected topic (optionally)

b/ In a process of ethical education, teachers are expected to

  • draw children's attention to the importance of the topic in the context of national being,
  • value spirituality of the selected topic and to emphasize its importance for Armenian identity.
  • emphases the value of Armenian artist in a context of World Art,
  • highlight the importance and the role of each person in Armenian History and Culture.

c/ In a process of aesthetic education, teachers are expected to

  • present forms of making exact, recognizable content of the selected topic,
  • turn to emotionality of the paintings,
  • analyze the painting of the Armenian artists who have turned to the selected topic (composition, colors).

The paintings on Armenian Fairy Tales, Poetry and National Holidays exposed after previos festivals are presented on Facebook.

It is assumed that teachers may make differences in nature and in extent of educational processes according to age differences and differences in real possibilities available in Armenia, Artsakh and different parts of Diaspora. In other words, any teacher is free to decide the nature and extent of his/her work concerning the intention on the three components. 

Some Criteria to Help Teachers

To help teachers during the preparatory stage and to facilitate communication and experience exchange the Facebook open group named «Համահայկական X մանկապատանեկան նկարչական մրցույթ-փառատոն» will operate from the beginning of the event.

Technical Requirements for a Piece of Art

The required size of paintings is A2 (420x594 mm) or A3 (297x420 mm).

The paintings which do not meet current requirements will not be considered.

The works are allowed to be expressed in any style of art (graphics, painting, sculpture, ceramics, crafts etc.) and with any material (gouache, pastel, color pencils, watercolor, coal, textile, metal, wood, clay etc.).

The works can be supplemented with music, poetry, story, or some other form of self-expression.

Modalities of Providing Competitive Works of Art

In the first stage, the works should be presented in JPG format via e-mail by June 14, 2020. In case of large-sized files, it is preferable to send them through online albums such as GoogleDrive,, Picassa, etc.

In the first stage, the following rules must be observed:

  1. the Subject of e-mail must indicate the selected topic.
  2. JPG filename must indicate the name and surname of the author,
  3. e-mail must contain  
    1. title of the work, its sizes and  artistic techniques
    2. author's name, surname, resident country, city, age, school and personal contacts (e-mail, phone number),
    3. teacher's name, surname, personal contacts (e-mail, phone number).

The same information must be on the back of the original paintings (or be attached to works).

Int the second stage all original works must be sent by September 1, 2020 via regular mail or brought to:

National Centre of Aesthetics, Children's art museum, Abovyan 13, Yerevan, 0001, Armenia Yerevan,

Envelopes (packages) must be addressed to «HAMAHAYKAKAN  NKARCHAKAN MRTSUYT».


All semi-finalists participating in the exhibition will be presented with exhibition catalogue.

The finalists will receive winning diplomas or certificates of appreciation issued by the National Centre of Aesthetics.

The schedule of the Competition-Festival:






Final day of submission of works' photos in the first stage

June 14, 2020


Evaluation of the results of the first stage

July 12, 2020


Presentation of the original works in the second stage

September 1, 2020


Opening of competitive exhibition

October-November, 2020


Opening of non-competitive exhibition

January, 2021


Announcing and awarding the winners during event closing ceremony

December, 2020

To get additional information, please contact:

The National Center of Aesthetics

Tel.: +374 99 73-18-26  Yeva Khachatryan



Facebook: « National Center of Aesthetics»