Our Top EdTech Websites for Newbie Teachers

9 July, 2019
IT News

When it comes to educational web resources the options are overwhelmingly bountiful. There are tons of websites, blogs, and wikis that provide amazing resources to help you in your daily teaching. Our job here in EdTech and mLearning is to bring to your attention some of  these wonderful resources hoping to help you transform your teaching with the use of technology and enhance your students learning and comprehension. In today’s post, we are featuring some of our favourite educational websites especially curated for newbie teachers. These  platforms will help you locate, find and access materials designed specifically for use within educational settings. Of course this is a subjective selection based on our reviewing experience in this regard but we do welcome suggestions to add to this list. Share with us on our Facebook page.

1- Common Sense Educators

‘The nonprofit Common Sense media is a great educational platform for teachers and educators seeking to enhance their professional development growth and learn about classroom-tested ways to integrate technology in teaching’. Its Digital Citizenship section features a number of interactive games and activities to help students learn how to use technology safely and effectively. The Reviews and Ratings section embeds EdTech tools reviews, how-to videos and lesson plans to help teachers make the best of technology in their teaching.

2- Google For Education

This is definitely a must-go to platform for anything related to the use of Google tools in education. It provides a huge repertoire of educational resources from IT guides to professional training programs and productivity tools reviews.

3- ReadWriteThink

This is another  great website for teachers. 'It offers a plethora of educational materials and resources to use in your classroom with your students. These include things such as interactive, printable, lesson plans and many more. You can also check this section to access Readwritethink’s interacitive tools we have reviewed in the past.’

4- CK-12

CK-12 is a great platform that 'provides high quality curated STEM content for teachers and students. Its library has over 5000 math and science materials ideal to use in class. Flexbook is one of the best features I like in CK-12. Flexbook provides a wide variety of free textbooks for teachers to use in their lessons. It even allows teachers to create their own Flexbooks using materials from other textbooks in the site. Textbooks are available in multiple formats including: PDF format, Kindle and Nook and iPad.'

5- Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is ‘a community of millions of educators who come together to share their work, their insights, and their inspiration with one another. We are the first and largest open marketplace where teachers share, sell, and buy original educational resources. That means immediate access to a world of expertise and more time to focus on students and teaching.’

6- TED Ed

TED Ed is 'one of our favourite video resources we have been recommending to teachers and educators over the last few years. The great thing about this platform is that it provides video lessons submitted by teachers and animated by professional animators.TED Ed videos are less than 10 minutes long and are ideal to include with students in class. More importantly, TED Ed enables teachers to create their own interactive lessons and share it with others. the process is very simple and we have already covered it in a previous post: just find a video you want to use in your lesson, then add interactive materials to it (e.g questions, discussion prompts..etc) and when you are done share it with your class and track its progress.'

7- Super Teacher Worksheets

This is an excellent website that provides tons of worksheets covering several of topic areas including math, reading and writing, phonics and early literacy, handwriting, grammar, science and many more. It also offers a worksheet generator tool allowing users to create and print their own worksheets.

8- PBS Learning Media

‘Learn how you can tap into America’s #1 Educational Media Brand for access to thousands of innovative, standards-aligned digital resources, compelling student experiences, and professional development opportunities.’