Yerevan State University Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Faculty of Oriental Studies

9 November, 2018
Official News

The YSU Faculty of Oriental Studies celebrates its 50th anniversary. A festive session took place today where the president of RA, Armen Sargsyan, the acting Minister of Education and Science, Arayik Harutyunyan, the Faculty graduates alumni, and many other guests were present. The acting  Minister of Education and Science, Arayik Harutyunyan, congratulated the students, graduates and business-partners of the said Faculty stating that the latter is one of the most important institutions of science of Armenia and Yerevan State University.  «This Faculty played the greatest role in my life both as a student, a professor and a politician. The Faculty has a great role in academia. I realized this during my studies abroad when I compared what I knew with that of my counterparts in Damascus, Moscow, and other research centers.The Faculty of Oriental Studies has also been an important political center not only during the Soviet years, but also in the 1990s and the 2000s, and particularly with the not too recent developments, both the professors and the students were active participants in activities. Looking back at the past discourse of the Faculty, I wish to emphasize its characteristics:the culture of free thinking academia, friendly administration , an ambiance of true scholars who have been taught: to be open minded, multiculturalism, tolerance, and various traits to be a success in contemporary life.” stated the acting  Minister, emphasizing that as a result of the traits mentioned, students who have specialized in Oriental Studies have had a great input in every department of the Faculty and are capable of defining themselves in non-specialized departments , as well. Once in 50 years, someone’s  gained experience and lifestyle turn into plans and realizations. Today, our country and YSU are at the doorsteps of changes because the 21st century has completely different expectations. There should not be situations, where academic freedom and the autonomy of universities are pressured. I am certain that by recruiting healthy thinkers, and with the forthright partnership of the Ministry of Education and Science, success will be inevitable.”, expressed Arayik Harutyunyan, who ensured that from today onward, the Faculty of Oriental Studies will play a crucial role in the development of education and science and in creating a well rounded citizen.
The first international assembly of the Armenian Oriental Studies is launched at the conclusion of this festive ceremony.