Nikol Pashinyan: “The launch of the Armenian-Chinese Friendship School should symbolize the opening of a new chapter of friendship, more effective and closer cooperation in our relations”

22 August, 2018
Official News

Today, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan attended the opening of the Armenian-Chinese Friendship School in Yerevan.

Addressing the ceremony, the Premier stated in part: “I am delighted with the opening of a Chinese language school in Armenia. There is a very well-known proverb: You are as many a person as languages you know. Knowledge of Chinese, especially in this case, will give the opportunity to have a huge layer of humanity and civilization history and tremendous information. And I hope that this school may become the tributary through which the Armenians will learn more about the tremendous impact China and Chinese civilization on mankind’s development.

The Armenian nation, too, comes from the depths of millennia and, indeed, I can see historic significance in the fact that the state flags of Armenia and China are waving side by side. This testifies to the unique mission of our peoples in mankind’s history.

What brings our nations and peoples closer to each other? As a matter of fact, we can see at a glance that our countries are far from each other, even as seen from the perspective of today’s ever shrinking world. We are close by strategic thinking: strategic thinking in the modern world can evidence that Armenia and China have many common interests, and many of these interests are of strategic importance.

I am pleased to note that since the early days of independence the Armenian-Chinese relations have developed in a positive atmosphere and the launch of the Armenian-Chinese Friendship School should symbolize the opening of a new chapter of friendship, more effective and closer cooperation in our relations.

Also, I would like to thank the Chinese government, the Chinese people, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China for fostering such a positive atmosphere in our relations.

Buses and ambulance cars bearing Chinese flags are circulating in Armenia. Our people highly appreciate this support. As for the Armenian-Chinese Friendship School, its existence fully fits into my government’s vision of interaction, since we see Armenia as a highly intellectual society where the command of 2-3 foreign languages is to be a must.

It is my pleasure to state that the Chinese language is not only a matter of civilization, but also an economic imperative, because we can see more and more Chinese tourists coming to our country every year and now, in this new era, we witness increased interest for Armenia among the Chinese business circles.

Therefore, I consider that the launch of this school stands out as the embodiment of our shared optimism for the future of Armenia, Armenian-Chinese relations, our region and the world. So, long live the Armenian-Chinese relations! Long live the People’s Republic of China! Long live the Republic of Armenia! Long live knowledge and schooling!”

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Armenia Tian Erlong noted in his speech that this is a memorable day in the history of Armenian-Chinese relations. The construction of the Armenian-Chinese Friendship School with China’s gratuitous support has been completed successfully: a modern school has opened in Yerevan.

“My colleagues and I visited the construction site many times and could see Chinese specialists work night and day as if it were their own home. They sought to erect a pledge of friendship and a bridge of love for the friendly Armenian people,” he said, thanking all involved parties for their fruitful efforts.

“Prime Minister Pashinyan’s presence demonstrates Armenian Government’s great attention to the development of education and the Armenian-Chinese cooperation. I am hopeful that the School will become an emblem for the Armenian-Chinese traditional friendship, as well as home to Armenian philologists and all the advocates of Armenian-Chinese friendship,’ Tian Erlong emphasized.

Following the opening ceremony, the Prime Minister toured the Armenian-Chinese Friendship School to get acquainted with the amenities and the classrooms’ equipment. Nikol Pashinyan and Tian Erlong signed and exchanged Opening Ceremony Honorary Guest Certificates.

Armenia’s general academic programs shall be implemented at the Armenian-Chinese Friendship School. Intended for 405 pupils, the institution will have 27 college-model classes phased out in 5-12 grades. All academic disciplines will taught in Armenian. 3 classes a week shall be reserved for advanced teaching of Chinese language. Chinese teachers will be invited from the PRC, and the prescribed 450 textbooks will be provided with the support of the Chinese side.

The project’s total cost is over USD 12 million, including construction and furnishing. Located at Sarkavag-14 Street of Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district in Yerevan, the new-built school will extend on an area of 14,000 square meters. The total area of educational buildings (classrooms, labs, hostel and gymnasium) is 8000 square meters. The School will have laboratories, language study rooms, a library, computer auditoriums, a gym, a museum, a cultural center, etc.