Quality of Education as Requirement for State Support

12 October, 2016
Official News

Minister of Education and Science of RA Levon Mkrtchyan today met the directors of non-state general educational institutions. The meeting aimed to discuss the current issues of the above mentioned sector, to learn the issues the directors raise and listen to the solutions to them. Levon Mkrtchyan said, that during the independence years no correct ideology was put in the basis of formation of non-state education system and when the idea of the quality education was stressed, we came across a burning issue: the sector was filled with both high-quality and low-quality education institutions in higher and general education systems. Unfortunately, so far the problem has not been solved. However, the reality is that both in the general and vocational sectors there are education institutions that ensure high-quality education.

“In this sense, I would like to stress once again that accepting quality as a main criterion we will build the entire strategy on the basis of it and only then the institutions will receive state support and will implement joint projects in cooperation with the state”, the Minister mentioned, adding, that especially in high school the main focus should be put towards specializations and it will solve the problem of professional orientation.

The participants presented the pressing issues and the ways of development of their sector.  In particular, they raised such issues, as the textbooks for the primary school, introduction of new funding mechanisms, teachers’ trainings, their welfare and other issues.

An agreement was reached to set up a working group to discuss the above mentioned problems and come up with suggestions. In addition, it was proposed to hold similar working meetings regularly.

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of RA