16 January, 2017

In 2017 the Republic of Armenia (RA) Ministry of Education and Sciences, continues the training program for teachers of Armenian full time schools, one day schools and other types of educational institutions that teach Armenian.

The program in Armenia will follow the RA Ministry of Education and Sciences and will offer five different one month courses:

a.Kindergarden teaching
b.One day school teaching
c.Elementary teaching
d.Teaching of Armenian language and literature
e.Out-of-school (additional) education and organization of extra curricular activities (song, dance, drama, drawing/painting, arts and crafts)  

Teachers who complete the courses will receive certificates from the RA Ministry of Education and Sciences.

There are no restrictions on the participation for active teachers.

During the program, the organization of the courses, the stay of the teachers and their tours expenses from the starting day until the end of the program is financed by the RA.

Travel expenses, including transfers (from and to) the airport and the hotel, as well as the visa fees are to be paid by the participants or their institutions or their benefactors/sponsors.

The start of the training is the start of the program which is July 3rd.

The program timetable is as follows:

July 2nd - hotel check in

July 3rd - start of the program

July 28th – closing of the program

July 29th - hotel check out

In case of early arrival or late departure, the incurred expenses of the hotel stay will be paid by the participant(s). For these instances, the participants will receive discounted rates.  The hotel rooms are for 2-4 individuals.

To participate in the program, it is imperative to provide the RA Ministry of Education and Sciences the completed application-form (attached) by May 29th, 2017. The application-form should be completed by the teacher and verified by the the administrator of the school.

The teachers will receive their official confirmation by e-mail by June 10th, 2017.

If an official note is needed to leave the country or be absent from employment, please notify us in advance.


The general list of the main curriculum and the list of instructors, as well as the address of the hotel and other details pertinent to the stay will be transmitted to the applicant teacher during the month of June.

Also, meetings, informational-educational tours/trips and cultural events are scheduled for the participants.

Additional information can be received from the RA Ministry of Education and Sciences, Department of  Diaspora Relations.

Ph.   374.
Fax  374.
e-mail or

Enclosed:  Participation application-form /1 page/.