8 Helpful PowerPoint Templates for Teachers

9 June, 2020
IT News

Inspired by this list of PowerPoint templates for efficient meetings, we went ahead and curated for you this collection of what we think are some helpful PowerPoint templates you use for a wide variety of educational purposes. These are templates we curated specifically from the education section in Microsoft Templates gallery and are all free to download and adapt to your own teaching situation. You can use the templates below for creating research presentations, designing quiz show games, group project presentations, book report presentations, back to school presentations, and many more.

1- Virtual field trip
"Go on a field trip right from your own classroom or school work space. Modify this template to create a trip for yourself and your classmates using the power of digital media. This is an accessible template."

2- Trading cards
"History is cool and should be collectable. Modify the slides in this template to create trading cards around your historical period. Use to collaborate with your peers on school projects. People, places, and information all in one place. This is an accessible template."

3- Research presentation
"Take your research project to the next level with this colorful presentation template.  Notes in the slides include steps to guide you through the research process. Research has never been easier. This accessible template is ready to be used by students, parents, or any school stakeholders, and can be quickly and easily customized."

4- Quiz show game (Q and A background, widescreen)
"Teachers, test your students but avoid the usual complaints. Play a game of knowledge that uses a quiz show template. Create five categories with five questions each in increasing point values. Instructions are included with the template."

5- End of the year slideshow
"A great way to celebrate the year of learning and fun with your students. This template has suggestions for types of material to include - just drop it in and be ready to share with the school community. This is an accessible template."

6- Group project presentation (Berlin themes, widescreen)
"So your assignment is a group presentation? Well this template is designed with multiple authors in mind. Each member has a set of slides in a variation of the Berlin theme with coordinating sample chart, smartart, and table in a 16:9 format."

7- Book report presentation
"Ace that book report with the help of this template. Includes slides for comparison, lists, and video, and lots of space for originality. This content is intended for elementary to high school settings. This is an accessible template."

8- Welcome back to school
"Welcomes students and parents to the new school year with this accessible template containing slides for the mission statement, academic goals, staff, policies, special projects, grading, and parent conference information."

Source: Educational Technology and Mobile Learning