Certificates to the participants of the course “distance learning organizational skills”

14 November, 2016
IT News Official News

The fourth workshop on"Skills of Distance Learning" was complited in the "Distance Learning System"organized for teachers of different subjects, the participants familiarized themselves with the tools to create a distance-training skills using eXe project and the Moodle system, creating e-learning materials and distance learning courses projects 34 teachers from different regions who  participated in the distance training projects  were awarded certificates of the National Center for Educational Technologies. Narine Hovhannisyan  the Chief of Public Education Department of the Ministry of Education and Science and Artak Poghosyan director of NCET congratulated the teachers and awarded them certificates “Distance learning program is highly appreciated in the  government  project for 2017, especially with regard to the quality of knowledge of pupils in rural schools. Thanks to the active performance of the trained teachers a number of issues will be solved in 2017 associated with the schools   whose teachers are skillful and the educational centers where there are no specialist teachers who possess skills for the use of new technologies. Therefore, these trainings will highly encourage and stimulate them” said Narine Hovhannisyan. NCET director Artak Poghosyan presented the new website for electronic passports schools Map (  "Anyone who is interested in the educational issues, can access this site and find all the information they are interested in. All the schools of RA are available there and the schools of Artsakh will be included in the future. All the schools are classified by region, state and non-state schools, education levels, and there is even the possibility to search for a specific school. By accessing this particular school, a small profile is opened, students, teachers, number, gender, trained teachers and so on, "Mr.Poghosyan said, noting that the statistics in the education sector, by region, rural and urban communities, can be found in the ( site.In the near future several other programs will be implemented aimed at the use of ICT in schools. In particular, thanks to eTwinning program all the schools in the country this year will have an opportunity to access the huge electronic resources provided by the EU, to make educational process more efficient and interactive .The director said, referring to the workshop on “Distance training organizational skills”.This is the ninth training organized by our center and the fourth one this year. During these years our enthusiastic teachers were regularly awarded certificates. Since today more attention is paid to distance education, we decided to emphasize   the experience and achievements of the teachers. In general, every teacher should possess the skill of organizing a distance course, regardless of where they work. In addition, we have an opportunity to simultaneously create distance courses, which can later be used by another teacher. That is, two important issues to be solved at the same time, we are training teachers and creating electronic resources, said Artak Poghosyan.

 A "Distance Learning" language system has existed  in the central part of Armenian educational network (HKTS) since January 2011.( , that is one of the subsites of  "Armenian  educational environment" and it was established on the base of Moodle cooperative learning in the  Internet environment  in the National Center for Educational Technologies in 2010, Distance learning system enables the use of ICT in educational processes (further or continuing  training and requalification ) by providing all the participants with  equal conditions, as they adapt the learning process to their needs and opportunities (jobs, schedules, etc.). Distance learning courses on professional qualification were regularly organized for regional informatics teachers and school networks service experts by NCET to familiarize them with the the possibilities of distance learning and to benefit their educational goals: “School local network exploitation Skills Training” (2 sessions, 80 participants), and for those teaching different educational subjects, “Distance learning organizational skills” (9 courses, 320 participants). Due to these courses specialists qualified at distance learning developed distance learning courses on different subjects and loaded them in the system for colleagues, students and pupils.   In the Distant learning system 136 trainings were organized  and 1227 participants were  registered  in "Distance Learning" system as a whole (2011-2016).