40 Professions Removed from New List of Academic Degrees

3 November, 2016
Official News

During the press conference at the Ministry of Education and Science, Chairman of the Higher Attestation Commission Lilit Arzumanyan presented the new amendments in the field and the new nomenclature of the academic degrees. L. Arzumanyan informed that the works on “Nomenclature of the Academic Degrees in Armenia” are completed in the Higher Attestation Commission and the reassertion of the formation of the new network of professional boards is approaching to the end.

According to L. Arzumanyan around 40 professions of the list are removed as a result of changes, including them in related disciplines. "In fact, we have not lost anything, because enlargement of professions took place. It means that professions are not left out, they are united, "the Chairman said. After the approval of the new nomenclature new professional boards are being established consequently according to the new principles. “Here we have applied a new mechanism. Each scientist can be included in one professional board and only by one specialty. By these new standards, we are rapidly approaching the European standards of thesis defense, and the activity of the board becomes more transparent. As a result, the professional boards became more refreshed, involving a larger number of scientists, especially young people”, mentioned the Chairman and added that the new boards are small, including 9 scientists.

As a result of amendments currently 22 science sectors are formed with 44 subsectors, including about 155 professions. The only novelty is the development of new professional board of Theology in Gevorgyan Seminary.   In some cases appropriate organization scholars are invited from abroad for holding thesis defenses.

During the conference, L. Arzumanyan answered the journalists' questions, which related to a number of issues, representing spheres of public interest.

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of RA