EU TUMO Convergence Center Partners with 42 to Bring the World Class Coding School to Armenia

20 June, 2019
IT News

The EU TUMO Convergence Center announces that Armenia will be part of 42 Network of 20 partner campuses that was launched by the famous French coding school, 42. “42 Yerevan” will be located next to the TUMO building in Yerevan, inside the campus of the EU TUMO Convergence Center for Engineering and Applied Science.

42 is a pioneering coding academy created in 2013 by Xavier Niel, a highly successful serial entrepreneur. Its goal is to train the best developers in the world and provide them with the foundation for a successful career. Through this partnership, the EU TUMO Convergence Center will mitigate the shortage of developers needed to fuel Armenia’s booming tech industry and startup ecosystem. Anyone 18 years old or over will have the opportunity to gain cutting-edge software engineering skills free of charge, to complement their university education or as a career change, or immediately after high school.

42 Yerevan will emphasize the recruitment of women and students from Armenia’s outer regions, for whom it will provide subsidized dormitory options, security services and support infrastructure during their study period. It will admit up to 150 students per year for a study cycle of up to two years. The Armenian center is the only campus of the 42 network in the region and joins other centers in France, Japan, Belgium, Finland, Colombia, Spain, Canada, Netherlands, Morocco, Russia, Brazil, and Indonesia.

The innovative pedagogy of 42 relies on peer-to-peer learning. Participants learn without teachers or classes and students are in charge of their own success and the success of their peers in a project-based environment. To succeed, they rely on the strength of the group, sharing information and switching between helping others and being helped. This learning model relies on collective intelligence and fosters self-learning, experimentation, and critical thinking, similar to productive dynamics in the professional world.

The EU TUMO Convergence Center is an initiative of the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies and the European Union. It is a mixed-use campus bringing together academia and industry, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, and linking local students, researchers and technologists to each other and their global peers. It includes a set of mutually reinforcing components ⁠— combining teaching and training facilities, businesses, public retail outlets and a conference center.

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Source: Tumo