The International Conference on “The Borders of Chemistry, Armenia” has Launched

22 October, 2018
Official News

Today, the international conference on “The Borders of Chemistry, Armenia”, organized by the University of Groningen in Netherlands in cooperation with the Yerevan State University and the EU Delegation to Armenia, has launched. The RA Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, who has attended the event, has welcomed the participants of the conference and has noted, that chemistry plays an important role in Armenia. “Our country has been one of the major centers of the chemical industry for many years, and there are quite serious traditions in that field. However, after Independence, as a result of the deterioration of economic relations, the chemistry industry in Armenia has suffered greatly. In recent years, for instance, very few applied to the Faculty of Chemistry in the two major universities of our country, in YSU and Polytechnic, due to the current situation of the chemical industry and the economy of the country”, the Deputy Minister has noted, stressing that we should give a new impetus to the field of chemistry in both education and scientific research. “The new RA government has quite ambitious projects in education and science. During these past months we have tried to develop different projects some of which have been realized. To give an example, relationships with the staff of the secondary vocational educational institutions have been stressed and thus an agreement has been signed to develop and reactivate this subject matter. Holding such authoritative conferences, especially in the chemistry industry, are essential for Armenia”, Hovhannes Hovhannisyan has mentioned, adding that the development of any field, particularly the subject matter of Chemistry, is impossible without international cooperation and without taking into account the experience and achievements of the modern scientific world. 
The Head of the European Union Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, has also welcomed the participants of the event, emphasizing that the European Union continues to support Armenia and is ready to incorporate people so that they will be thrilled to learn and apply innovative practices.
22 world-renowned scholars, including 2 Nobel laureates, have attended the conference. Besides, more than 100 scholars from around the world (the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Russia, Israel, Italy, Germany, etc.) have been at the conference to listen to the speeches of the above-mentioned speakers and to present their own works. The organizers of the event are convinced that the conference will be a catalyst to the chemistry industry in Armenia and will serve as a unique platform for the Armenian scholars and students to get acquainted with the latest scientific developments and to form new rapports. The conference will be held on October 21-25.