A TUMO Branch In the Heart of Europe

17 October, 2018
Official News

The RA Acting Minister of Education and Science, Arayik Harutyunyan, is in Paris on an official visit, to attend the ceremony of opening a TUMO Center for Creative Technologies branch in France. Welcoming the participants of the ceremony, the Acting Minister Arayik Harutyunyan has particularly noted: “I am really happy that a TUMO branch is being opened in the heart of Europe, in Paris. Introducing TUMO beyond the borders of Armenia is our best indicator of our successful outcomes in education. Armenians have a hackneyed expression, that is, we lack natural resources, and the major resource are the human brains. We have been looking at different ways of exporting those resources for a long time, and it became possible to have a breakthrough in education through TUMO. It has been repeatedly stated, that Paris is the fashion capital of Europe. It is one of the carriers and centers of fashion in innovation and technology as well, and we highlight the importance of the opening of one of the first TUMO Centers outside the borders of the Republic of Armenia, right here in Paris. In 2016, when the Mayor of Paris spoke about opening a TUMO branch, other European centers and capitals also liked the idea of having their own “TUMO”s. Nowadays, there are plans to open TUMO centers in Moscow, Berlin and other European capitals. Recently, the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, who had visited TUMO in Yerevan, expressed interest in opening one in Germany. As you may recall, only a handful of people believed in the Revolution that took place in Armenia this year. This goes on to prove that even though a small number of people believe in an ideology, it can become a reality. I gave this example because the Papazian family and their partners the Simonians, albeit small in number, brought about a “revolution” simply because they believed in an idea and saw it through. And it is not coincidental that nowadays the TUMO network is spreading all over the world.”