“Educational Issues of Yezidi Community will be Resolved”, L. Mkrtchyan

19 October, 2016
Official News

Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan today received the representatives of the Yezidi community in Armenia, headed by the President of the National Union of Yezidis Aziz Tamoyan. The Minister noted that it was high time to organize such a meeting in order to discuss the educational issues of the Yezidi community. "I want to assure you that in the face of us you have a supporter. State policy enacts to support national minorities and small nations. We should support our friend Yezidi people the way our compatriots are supported abroad. Our two nations, being small, are facing many challenges, so we need to be together to confront them and to preserve centuries-old friendship between our two nations. All the issues of the Yezidi community can be raised during the session of the public council, attached to the Ministry”, said the Minister and added: "In general, if there is an educational issue in the community, then it should definitely be resolved”.

The president of the National Union of Yezidis Aziz Tamoyan expressed his gratitude to the RA Government, noting that Armenia is the only country where so many educational opportunities, such as teaching Yezidi language and literature in 50 schools of RA, are given to the Yezidi community. 

An agreement was reached to organize regular meetings.

For significant contribution to the development of “Yezidi” and “Yezidi literature” President of the National Union of Yezidis  Aziz Amari Tamoyan and distinguished journalist of RA  Hasan Mahmud Tamoyan were awarded “Gold medals”, the highest award of the Ministry of education and Science.

A number of Yezidi pedagogues were awarded with Honorary Diplomas and Certificates of Appreciation from the Ministry of Education and Science. 

Source: Ministry of Education and Science of RA