Levon Mkrtchyan receives Minster of Science, Research and Culture of Brandenburg, Martina Munch

25 May, 2017
Official News

The acting Minister of Education and Science of RA Levon Mkrtchyan received the delegation headed by Minster of Science, Research and Culture of Brandenburg, Germany, who visited Armenia to take part in the international conference dedicated to the development of astrophysics. 
The acting Minister welcomed the guest and emphasized the significance of cooperation in the education and research sectors between the Armenian-German relations. L. Mkrtchyan expressed gratitude to the German side for support and cooperation, as well as to EU for the target cooperation, underlining Armenia’s participation in Horizon 2020 academic programme and the opportunity to implement joint academic projects within the programme. L. Mkrtchyan also expressed hope that Armenian-German relations will advance and enhance not only in the sphere of astrophysics, but in other spheres also. The acting Minister presented the education reforms that Armenia is undergoing and stressed, that they are aimed at improving the education quality at all levels of education, as well as at developing models for establishing liaisons between education and science and education and labour market. In this context L. Mkrtchyan highlighted the study of the German practice.
The Minister of Science, Research and Culture of Brandenburg state, in her turn, thanked the acting Minister for the meeting and mentioned that she was very impressed by the conference on astrophysics and geo-research issues held in Byurakn. 
The meeting also featured the Bologna process, common issues of the European education area, enhancement of interschool relations and a range of issues regarding the educational cooperation between Armenia and Germany.